Annual Meeting of Australia’s National Coalition Child Safety and Wellbeing

Contact is a member of the National Coalition Child Safety and Wellbeing a group of 200 non-government organisations and researchers committed to improving child safety and wellbeing in Australia.

Recently Contact attended the annual meeting of this Coalition in Canberra as an important part of the policy development and consultation for the Fourth Action Plan (2018-2020). The Fourth Action plan is part of the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children and current planning is that the draft Fourth Action Plan will be considered for adoption by the Community Service Ministers in the second half of 2018. For more information:

Children Are The Worlds Greatest Resource

Contact was launched in the International Year of the Child (1979) and our vision continues to be that isolated children, families and communities irrespective of their locality and circumstances have access to education, supports, information and services to best meet their needs


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