Sometimes it’s hard to know what child and family services are available in communities.

Contact is happy to announce two new child and family agency directories are available for the Nyngan and Warren areas to assist in finding information about available regional services.

These Directories are being distributed throughout the local communities and are available on our website through a simple key word search process.

Welcomed funding through Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR), ANZ Bank Seeds for Renewal grants, Families NSW, Department of Social Services, has assisted in making these valuable directories available to local communities.

Children are the world's greatest resource.

Contact provides a range of programs, resources, referrals and supports in the community that are helping to address and raise awareness of the impacts of isolation on children, family and community.

Who To Contact Directory

Trying to find child and family services or agencies that assist when a child has a disability?
These Directories aim to connect people to a range of child and family services and organisations.

Do you help children and families?