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Contact Incorporated, an organisation which supports rural, remote and isolated communities, has launched a new online directory to provide an instant link to multiple services for children and families including disability services.

WHO TO CONTACT is an easy and free online directory, connecting existing services with people who need them.

According to the Australian Productivity Commission Report “Consumers experience profound difficulties in finding out what disability services are available and how to access them”.

Contact Inc. CEO Sue Kingwill observed “Our experience supports this finding. We found that there is a substantial need in the community for a directory connecting people with relevant child and family services. The WHO TO CONTACT directory lists a diverse range of services for disabled people as well as child care, medical assistance, helplines and refuges”.

Some services offer assistance without having to be physically located near the consumer, while other services assist via chat lines, phone, online and printed resources.

WHO TO CONTACT is free and our hope is that it will continue to grow and connect people to existing help. The directory is available now online at Who to Contact Directory. Organisations are adding their details and the hit rate is escalating daily as people realise it is available.

The directory has two main focuses – disability (1 in 5 Australians has some form of disability) and family and community services. Our expectation is the directory will keep growing as new agencies add their details to the directory.

Contact Inc. is a community organisation that assists families in isolated communities. Aussie Farmers Foundation generously contributed to developing the WHO TO CONTACT online directory.

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