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How does Contact change the impacts of isolation?


  • Resource

Contact resources isolated children, families and communities and the services, which work with them. We provide telephone support and a range of print and audio–visual resources. We visit isolated communities to update on community happenings provide information and support as required. We help develop new services and help link existing services and groups together. We help devise programs and strategies to meet community needs.

  • Inform

Contact helps communities and families to access resources that are relevant to them and helps inform governments and organisations about needs. We organise activity days, discussion days and linkup days for isolated children, families, services and the wider community. We initiate, support and conduct research and we contribute specialised information and expert advice to government and agencies through ongoing action research focusing on the needs of isolated children and families.

  • Advocate

Contact advocates on behalf of isolated children, families and communities. We show the evidence for new services and programs and help communities access funding for services. We speak to governments and organisations working with children and families about identified needs relating to isolation.

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Helping address the impacts of isolation and disadvantage for children, families and communities